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Backyard Demonstration Gardens

Many people think they need a lot of land and heavy equipment in order to produce a substantial amount of food. This is not the case. All that is needed is a few containers, plants, and time. These demonstration gardens are an example of different ways to incorporate growing food into your backyard, no matter how big or small.

Backyards are more than just a place to play; growing your own food is an option for anyone in any size yard.  The Backyard Demonstration Garden showcases multiple options to suit any need.  From small to large, basic to high-tech turning your backyard into an edible paradise has never been easier.

The concept of a back yard garden learning center originated in Ardmore at the Noble Research Institute (NRI) in 2016. The learning center was phased out in 2019 and given a new home at The Botanical Garden at OSU in 2020. Many of the original components/exhibits for the OSU Backyard Demonstration Gardens were donated by the Noble Research Institute. NRI personnel also assisted with installation of the exhibits at The Botanic Garden. Many thanks to NRI for their support!

The Backyard Demonstration Garden consists of three 40x40 foot spaces that represent different yards.

The Country Club Residence
: Country Club Residence is an example of how to incorporate edible plants into your landscape without compromising the aesthetic of your backyard. This type of “foodscaping” is a way to have fresh produce in your kitchen all while maintaining an exquisite visual appeal to anyone who stops by.

Cow Creek Place:
Cow Creek Place is a practical example of growing a large auantity of produce while upcycling unexpected materials. Although not as refined as the first yard, this is a practical way to reuse materials and reduce waste.

The School Yard Garden:
The School Yard Garden is a demonstration for everyone, with a focus on teachers or anyone who wants to engage youth. This yard demonstrations ideals you can grow food in any size of space, not just a large plot of land. Gardening can be done on gravel, pavement, a field, or in this case, mulch. All you need is a few materials and you can start growing your own produce.

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