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Oklahoma Gardening

Full Shows 2017

Feb 10, 2017 Full Show (4333) 2/11/17
In the season premiere of Oklahoma Gardening, Host, Casey Hentges, addresses pre and post emergence weed control, winter watering of evergreens, and five great evergreens surely to make your landscape stand out among the rest! We also check out a new project occurring at the studio gardens and take a peek in the greenhouses to round out the episode!
Jan 07, 2017 Best of Oklahoma Gardening (4328) 1/7/17
Tips for repairing your lawn this spring! Turf grass Specialist, Justin Moss, joins us to discuss on when to use seed vs. sod. Sloped lawn repair with sod. Casey Hentges, host, shows us a robotic mower sure to make yard work a breeze!
Feb 18, 2017 Full Show (4334) 2/18/17
Casey Hentges begins planting onion sets in the keyhole garden, gives a few tips on tree fertilizing, shows us how to make a beautiful rain chain, discusses the fertilization of our garlic plants, and rounds out the episode with a fun, DIY project that will sure have the birds flocking to your backyards.
Jan 14, 2017 Best of Oklahoma Gardening (4329) 1/14/17
Host, Casey Hentges, joins Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma Tribal Preservation Officer, Ian Thompson, for an interesting lesson of the Choctaw Culture. Important plants for the Choctaw people, traditional clay pottery and utilizing pottery to prepare traditional Choctaw meal.
Jan 21, 2017 Best of Oklahoma (4330) 1/21/17
Great Landscape Plants! Showy native plants - Exciting, new perennials - Interesting Amnsonias - Perfect plants for soggy spots
Feb 24, 2017 Full Show (4335) 2/25/17
Casey Hentges plants new bare root trees in the orchard, discusses how to keep your trees well watered, introduces a gorgeous plant to brighten up and yard, and plants potatoes in a mesh cage for easy production and harvest.
Jan 28, 2017 Best of Oklahoma Gardening (4331) 1/28/17
Casey Hentges will cover the basics of seed starting, learn how to "damp-off" your young seedlings for healthier transplants, sow cool-season vegetables, learn tips for early and healthy tomatoes and concluding with an easier way to plant daffodils.
Feb 04, 2017 Best of Oklahoma Gardening (4332) 2/4/17
This week learn how to evaluate and cleanup storm damaged trees; cut back, replant and divide ornamental grasses for a beautiful summer display; and forcing spring flowering shrubs for arrangements with Host Casey Hentges while Barbara Brown cooks up a sweet and spicy pepper salad.
Mar 24, 2017 Full Show (4339) 3/25/17
This episode features segments on redbud trees in Oklahoma. Controlling pests in the garden, such as raccoons, opossums, and skunks. Managing Crape Myrtle's to ensure a healthy plant. Finally, Barbara brown has some delicious Gnocchi with Spinach and Beans cooking.
Mar 31, 2017 Full Show (4340) 4/1/17
On this week's episode host, Casey Hentges, shows an elegant and simple way to make a beautiful succulent dish garden centerpiece, visits with Dr. Dwayne Elmore over Sapsucker damage in the landscape, Barbara Brown whips up a delicious asparagus and hard cooked egg salad, and organic/inorganic pesticides to be used in the garden are discussed with Charles Luper.
Apr 07, 2017 Full Show (4341) 4/8/17
This week we'll take a look at the bloming Bleeding Heart plants at The Botanic Garden, travel to the Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma in Tulsa and learn how gardeners can help alleviate food insecurity, gain tips for selecting tomato plants for this year's garden, and meet with Extension Food Specialist Barbara Brown to learn about proper storage for different foods to retain the best flavors.
Apr 14, 2017 Full Show (4342) 4/15/17
In this week's episode host, Casey Hentges, gives some tips to recharging your daffodils for the next blooming year. We visit Greenleaf Nursery in Park Hill, Oklahoma. Dr. Erick Rebek, OSU Entomology Specialist, introduces a new pest just discovered in Oklahoma. The Community Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma gives a tour of the hydroponic system they have in use.
Apr 21, 2017 Full Show (4343) 4/22/17
In this episode, Casey visits with Dwayne Elmore about problem plants, discusses methods for properly filling your flowerbed, and creates a DIY concrete planter. Barbara Brown discusses choosing proper tomatoes for a lovely, fresh tomato sauce.
Apr 28, 2017 Full Show (4344) 4/29/17
In this episode Casey Hentges makes a few tweaks to the potato cage planters, develops a cleaning station for garden tools, visits Edgemere Park in OKC, and Barbara Brown whips up a strawberry and yogurt parfait.
May 05, 2017 Full Show (4345) 5/6/17
Catch a few sneak peeks of the incredible gardens you could visit on this day including The OKC Zoo and Botanical Garden, The Philbrook Museum of Art in Tulsa, and the new Railroad Garden feature at the Botanical Gardens in Stillwater!
May 12, 2017 Full Show (4346) 5/13/17
In this week's episode Casey discusses five great plants in the perennial garden that flower even in the shade, we visit Little River Park in Moore, OK, Casey has very exciting announcement regarding a popular viewer contest, and Barbara Brown prepares a refreshing Spring Ramen Dish.
May 20, 2017 Full Show (4347) 5/20/17
In this episode Casey has two great DIY Garden projects and visits Greenleaf Nursery to discuss foliage and shrubs to add to your landscape this year!
May 25, 2017 Full Show (4348) 5/27/17
This show includes the following segments: Early Harvest of Onions, The History of Strawberry Production in Oklahoma, Oklahoma Strawberry Trials at Rejoice Farms, Identifying Slime Mold and Roasted Potato and Cucumber Salad Recipe.
Jun 02, 2017 Full Show (4349) 6/3/17
In this episode of Oklahoma Gardening, Casey talks about a tree species that has been causing a lot of awe at the arboretum, we take a look at dividing water lilies with three different mediums, and visit Buffalo Creek Berry Farm to discuss practices being used on the u-pick-it operation.
Jun 09, 2017 Full Show (4350) 6/10/17
On this program Host Casey Hentges will be taking us on a virtual field day at the OSU Cimarron Valley Research Station in Perkins, OK. Later, Barbara Brown prepares a delicious Lettuce and Hominy Salad.
Jun 17, 2017 Full Show (4351) 6/17/17
On this program, Casey has tips for what kind of soil mix to use, plant selection and spacing, and how to care for what you have planted in the elevated planter. Assistant Extension Specialist Shelley Mitchell shows us how to create a small DIY hydroponic setup out of inexpensive materials, many of which you might already have around the house. Finally, we visit Webster Middle School in Oklahoma City, OK where The Fields & Futures Foundation, with assistance from the Oklahoma City Community Foundation, has built impressive baseball and softball fields, and a football/soccer field encircled by a multi-use track.
Jun 24, 2017 Full Show (4352) 6/24/17
In this program, we visit R&G Family Grocery, that has created a mobile grocery store inside of a horse trailer. Host Casey Hentges identifies some common landscape plants that are poisonous to humans. Extension Turfgrass Specialist Dennis Martin has tips for controlling pesky sandburs so there will be less pain and more beauty in our lawns. Extension Food Specialist Barbara Brown has a delicious way to use those fresh green beans coming out of your garden this summer by sauteing them with sweet onions.
Jul 01, 2017 Full Show (4401) 7/1/17
This week we explore the Oklahoma Food Cooperative by visiting a couple of the producers who provide the products that are available to members of the COOP, looking in on the distribution system, and visiting with employees, volunteers, and customers of this wonderful “Buy Local” enterprise. Along the way we follow lettuce from the greenhouse where it was grown, through to the system to the customer who purchased it.
Jul 15, 2017 Full Show (4403) 7/15/17
Host Casey Hentges shows us several great deer resistant plants for the landscape. Turfgrass Specialist Dennis Martin helps us attract bluebirds to the landscape by building nesting boxes. Associate Extension Specialist Andrine Shufran talks ticks and mosquitos and how to stay safe while out in the garden.
Jul 21, 2017 Full Show (4404) 7/22/17
In this program Dennis Martin discusses good and bad sedges in the landscape. There are about 4,000 bee species in the U.S., OKG host, Casey Hentges visits with Andrina Shufran about the differences of Mason Bees and Honey Bees. We take a look at native wild flowers with Laura Goodman. We travel to Prairie Wind Nursery in Normal Oklahoma to visit with Bill Farris about the different varieties of beautiful Buganvilias.
Jul 28, 2017 Full Show (4405) 9/29/17
On this episode Casey meets up with Mike Miller from Pond Pro shop to talk about the differences between having koi and goldfish. While in Shawnee, Mike also shows off some of the great new tools for pond owners. Extension Turfgrass Specialist Justin Moss has some summer tips. Finally, we visit Crystal Lake, a hidden gem in the OKC parks.
Aug 18, 2017 Full Show (4408) 8/19/17
We travel across the state to visit the home gardens of the winners of the 2017 Oklahoma Gardening Viewers Garden Contest.
Aug 25, 2017 Full Show (4409) 8/26/17
In this episode OSU Camp T.U.R.F. participants show how to construct a simple garden trellis, tips on identifying and removing poison ivy, Justin Moss provides information of irrigation, and Barbara Brown whips up a Cherry Limeade with Sparkling Wine.
Sep 01, 2017 Full Show (4410) 9/2/17
In this episode we visit the Oklahoma County Extension Office to see a few of their horticulture activities. Horticulture Extension Educator Annie Napier has some great assisting tools for gardeners. We also slide in for a tour of Master Gardener Freddy Hill easy access garden. Amanda Ford prepares an Orange Couscous Salad. Finally we visit with Karen Filley about her beautiful home landscape.
Sep 08, 2017 Full Show (4411) 9/9/17
We visit one of our seventy-seven counties to explore how extension programs are positively affecting Oklahoma horticulture.
Sep 15, 2017 Full Show (4412) 9/16/17
This episode features segments on: Horticulture Extension Educator Keith Reed takes us on a bike ride around OSU-Stillwater and talks about how bicycling and horticulture come together in his personal and professional life. Trees can be adversely affected by what we do to them or around them today. Reed looks at some of the problems that can affect urban trees and how to protect them and keep them healthy for years to come. We visit N40 Blackberries, a U-Pick-It farm north of Stillwater, Oklahoma. Payne County Master Gardeners show how to make seed bombs for an easy and fun activity for children or adults. The finished seed bombs are a great method of planting wildflowers. We visit Bustani Plant Farm in Stillwater where owner and former host of Oklahoma Gardening Steve Owens has created an exclusion fence to keep the armadillos and skunks out of their display garden.
Sep 22, 2017 Full Show (4413) 9/23/17
Thressa Guidice takes Tracey Miller on a tour of the Native American Medicinal Garden and Susan G. Komen Garden at the Cleveland County Master Gardener Demonstration and Teaching Garden in Norman, Oklahoma. Tracey finds out the basics of vermicomposting from Pat Welty, including what worms work the best, what materials are needed to house the worms, what they eat, and how to care for the worms and harvest the compost. Tracey explains the process of using banker plants and talks about research that she has done into the effectiveness of the method. Make a quick and delicious pepper salad with a sweet and spicy dressing. Barbara Brown has a step-by-step recipe to quickly create this tasty side dish.
Sep 29, 2017 Full Show (4414) 9/30/17
This week's episode features segments on: A new irrigation system that uses computer control and wireless connectivity allows you to use your phone to create a custom irrigation pattern that needs fewer sprinkler heads and allows for greater control. Oklahoma Proven plants are selected to be great performers to include in Oklahoma landscapes. Fruit trees provide wonderful beauty and sweet treats for a home landscape but can need lots of care to be healthy and productive. PARK(ing) Day is an annual worldwide event to transform parking spots into public parks. Barbara Brown shows how create these tasty burgers that are sure to be a hit at your next backyard cookout.
Nov 03, 2017 Full Show (4419) 11/4/17
This episode features segments on 5 gorgeous plants with colorful berries, cleaning up after a pesky garden pest. Host, Casey Hentges, instructs viewers on how to move tropical bog plants indoors for the winter, and how you can get the most out of your cover crops.
Nov 10, 2017 Full Show (4420) 11/11/17
This episode highlights gorgeous microclimates you can have in your own garden, Casey instructs viewers on how to get the most of your fall mums. Fall cleanup is among us, join Casey as she gives a step by step of how to clean your garden and those bird feeders thoroughly.
Nov 17, 2017 Full Show (4421) 11/18/17
This episode features 5 great plants for gorgeous fall foliage, a hands-on garden craft project for kids and adults, we tidy up the tool shed with a DIY Tool Organizer, and Barbara Brown whips up a traditional dish from Mozambique.
Nov 22, 2017 Full Show (4422) 11/25/17
We travel to Southwood Landscape and Garden Center in Tulsa to visit with Gardening Guy Paul James, who has tips on selecting and caring for living Christmas trees. Host Casey Hentges revisits some of the plants and projects from earlier in the year. OSU Floriculture Professor Bruce Dunn gives us tips on how to keep our poinsettias looking great over the holiday season. Extension Food Specialist Barbara Brown bakes blackberry scones. We wrap up the gardening season and introduce a new sprout in the garden.
Dec 02, 2017 Full Show (4423) 12/2/17
This program contains some of the Best of the Oklahoma Gardening segments and covers the topic of tackling problems in the landscape.
Dec 08, 2017 Full Show (4424) 12/9/17
This episode features segments on: Mason Bees vs. Honey Bees; Oklahoma Native Wildflowers and Eastern Bluebird DIY Nesting Houses
Dec 15, 2017 Full Show (4425) 12/16/17
In this episode Casey travels across the state to visit the home gardens of the winners of the 2017 Oklahoma Gardening Viewers Garden Contest. Gardens featured include: Bill Hawk's Tropical Paradise, Peggy Wolfe's Little Artist's House on the Prairie, and the Dawkin's Garden Cottage.
Dec 22, 2017 Full Show (4426) 12/23/17
In this Best of Oklahoma Gardening episode Casey visits the Community Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma to discuss food insecurity in the area, and how the food bank is working to alleviate the issue. Also, Casey visits with R&G Grocers, a mobile grocery store that makes 17 stops around the Tulsa, Okla. area to provide access to groceries, including fresh local produce, to residents around the city who live in food deserts. We receive a tour of the Susan G. Komen Memorial Garden at the Cleveland County Master Gardener Demonstration and Teaching Garden. Finally, we take a look at the late summer colors of The Botanic Garden at OSU.
Dec 29, 2017 Full Show (4427) 12/30/17
This Best of Oklahoma Gardening episode is sure to be a sweet one focussing on blackberries and strawberries. We visit N40 Blackberry Farm, this U-Pick-It farm is located north of Stillwater, Okla. Traveling to Mustang, Okla. we visit with Harry Deupree of Deupree Farms about his U-Pick-It strawberries and a variety trial he is participating in. We take a look at fruit tree care in order for your crop to be healthy and productive. In addition, we take a look at some blackberry issues that could also affect your crop yields. Finally, we join Barbara Brown to cook some delicious blackberry scones.