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Oklahoma Gardening

Garden Tip for April

David Hillock

General Tips

  • Most bedding plants, summer flowering bulbs and annual flowers seeds can be planted after danger of frost. This happens around mid-April in most of Oklahoma.
  • Let spring flowering bulb foliage remain as long as possible before removing it.
  • Wait a little longer for temperatures to warm up before planting cucurbit crops and okra.
  • Plant vegetable crops in successive planting to ensure steady supply of produce rather than harvesting all at once.
  • Hummingbirds arrive in early April. Get your bird feeders ready by using one part sugar and four parts water. Do not use red coloring.


Lawn and Turf Tips

  • Warm season grass lawns can be established beginning late April from sprigs, plugs or sod.
  • Fertilizer programs can begin for warm-season grasses in April.
  • Mowing of warm season lawns can begin now. Cutting height for bermuda and zoysia should be mowed at one to one and a half inches high and buffalo grass at one and half and three inches high.


Trees and Shrubs

  • Don’t spray insecticides during fruit tree bloom or pollinations may be affected. Disease sprays can continue according to schedule and label directions.
  • Continue spray schedules for disease prone fruit and pine trees.
  • Proper watering of newly planted trees and shrubs often means the difference between success and replacement.
  • Fire blight bacterial disease can be controlled at this time. Plant disease resistant varieties to avoid disease.
  • Remove any winter damaged branches or plants that have not begun to grow. Prune spring flowering plants as soon as they are finished blooming.